WWI Exhibit Artifacts

Collections Management

What’s in our Collection?

We collect objects of particular significance to the history of Iowa veterans and military items. The collection, preservation and interpretation of these objects is one of the primary ways we achieve our mission.

Center for Military History

The Iowa Gold Star Military Museum is a repository for artifacts/pieces held by the U.S. Army’s Center for Military History (CMH).

Who Works with Collections?

The Museum’s curator is responsible for collecting, studying, and interpreting the objects and records within our vast collection. Our curator is also responsible for the care of all archival artifacts and materials, as well as the care, movement, preservation and restoration of all our items. Along with our historian, the curator compiles original research about our collection.

How do we Decide What to Collect?

We use the following criteria whenever determining to acquire items:

  • The object is consistent with the Museum’s goals and mission.
  • Is it appropriate for exhibition purposes and useful as an education tool within an exhibit.
  • The object was associated with a notable, historical event related to military, homeland security, aviation, and/or depiction of such an event.
  • Is this item rare or do we already have a similar item(s) in our collection.